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Our mission to provide an exciting all round education that creates global citizens with traditional values of love, empathy, respect and discipline. We enable our students to achieve their dreams

through academic excellence. We also widen the intellectual horizons of our students via a holistic exposure to the fields of Arts, Science and extracurricular activities.



The journey of City World School began in 2004, and since then we have nurtured over 10,000 kids in the formative years of their lives. We have moved to middle and secondary education in 2014 and have come a long way to the opening of our new branch at Manjari Pune (with CBSE pattern – Playgroup to Grade X)

The management team of educationists and technocrats are putting their untiring efforts for the betterment of education and children at large.


Our Education Program Comprises Four Core Characteristics

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 Comprehensive Academics

 We impart knowledge and education through smart classrooms with E-learning facilities, and stimulating interactions with qualified and skilled staff.

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Extracurricular activities

We offer a host of activities like arts and crafts, music, individual and team sports etc. We also believe in allowing the kids a generous amount of "Free Play" time, to aid their personal creativity and development.

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Educational Field Trips

 Educational field trips increase children's exposure to various aspects of life such as museums, historical sites etc., and teach them first-hand lessons that will help them navigate in the real world.

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 Values & morals

India has a rich heritage, with values and traditions formed over millennia of culture and customs. We teach our children important lessons, introduce them to our nation's rich legacy of various religions, festivals and traditions of our nation through knowledge and celebration.



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City World School has the best faculty available for students across all branches and classes. The school management is a respectable team of educationists and technocrats.

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Centrally Located

We are located at in Pune at multiple locations including New Modi Khana, Nanapeth, Sinhagadh Road, NIMB and Manjari.

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CBSE pattern is offered at all our branches.

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Transport Facility

We being centrally located in Pune at multiple locations allows us to provide end to end transport facility for the kids at their convenience.

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Pre-primary – Grade X is offered at our New Modi Khana and Manjiri branches, while and pre-primary is offered at the City World School branches of Nanapeth, Sinhagadh Road and NIBM.

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Affordable Fee Structure

We offer places to students with agile minds who we believe will flourish at our school and make the most of the many opportunities on offer.

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